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Paul Zolnierczyk

Infinity Interactive Inc

JSON driven Xamarin.iOS UI's

Creating workflows in Xamarin.iOS where your screens can vary between 1..X screens can be tricky to design and implement if using XIBs or Storyboards. What happens if a particular user only needs to see 3 screens in this workflow while another needs to see 5 screens? What if the text and elements differ on each screen? That's where creating dynamic screens using iOS's UIStackView along with a bit of code that's driven by JSON can help with your dynamic workflow. In this talk, I'll demonstrate a storyboard workflow and show that it is effective but has limitations. I'll then take the user through converting this storyboard into something that utilizes Xamarin.iOS' UIStackView that is driven by some JSON that can be driven by an API.

About Paul Zolnierczyk

Hey there, I'm Paul Zolnierczyk and I'm a Team Lead and Sr. Developer at Infinity Interactive Inc. (II for short) . II is a virtual consulting company, we're a passionate crew of technologists spread out all through the U.S. and Canada (some even travel the world and work). I come from a Java background but made the change to C# 5 years ago and haven't looked back. I discovered Xamarin a few years ago in 2012 and have been impressed with it ever since. I always wanted to create mobile applications but learning objective-c was something I tried but just didn't work with me. Thankfully, Xamarin came along and revolutionized the way we can create mobile applications and allowed me to create iOS and Android apps in the language I love, C#. I'm a three time Xamarin Certified Developer and I look forward to continue growing with Xamarin every day.