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David Stokes


MySQL 8 -- A New Beginning

MySQL 8 is a major redesign of the most popular database on the web. it will have a true data dictionary (no more .frm, MYI, or other little files) which means you can have millions of tables within a schema. Windowing Functions and Common Table Expressions are available, multi plane character support (because you need emojis in your data), user roles, more JSON functions, and big optimizer improvements. And there will be a better 'out of the box' user experience. And you will learn what happened to MySQL 6 and MySQL 7.

The Proper Care and Feeding of MySQL Databases for Busy Linux Admins

Are you in charge of MySQL databases but have no DBA training? This sessions is for you! Learn what you really need to know to keep your MySQL servers happy, running quickly, and make sure your data is safe. See which config settings make servers more responsive and backup strategies to save your rear. Understand how to use replication for backup, where to spend your scarce hardware upgrade funds, why databases do not play well with others, how to escape account admin purgatory, and more. You may not be a trained DBA but after this session you will know the secrets of MySQL Administration on Linux.

About David Stokes

Dave Stokes is a MySQL Community Manager for Oracle Corporation and started at MySQL as a PHP Developer in the MySQL Certification Group. He lives in Texas, is the author of MySQL and JSON: A Practical Programming Guide, and makes extensive use of the Open G tuning when playing guitars.