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Paul Spears

Oasis Digital Solutions Inc

AngularFire: Bringing together Angular and Firestore for rapid application development

You have probably heard of two-way databinding, but have you heard of three-way databinding? Angular makes it easy to use two-way data binding to update the views of your web applications. When these bindings are connected to Firestore your applications can suddenly read and write in real time straight from the database. In this talk, Paul will demonstrate how easy it is to get started with both Angular and Firestore by live coding a simple chat application.

Angular Prototyping and Documentation with StackBlitz

Modern web frameworks are often built on a stack of advanced tools. These tool chains can act as a barrier for developers and designers who are looking to quickly spin up an example application, create a bug repo or start a prototype.

StackBlitz is a web based IDE and build environment. With a click of a button StackBlitz will launch an editor, install dependencies, build your Angular application, start a development server and provide a link that can be used to invite others to participate. After taking a tour of StackBlitz’s most popular prototyping features we’ll take a look at how StackBlitz is used for documentation by the Angular team at Google as well as Angular Boot Camp.

About Paul Spears

As an instructor and open-source maintainer for Angular Boot Camp, Paul Spears travels the globe training developers in Angular and AngularJS. Paul also enjoys engaging the community outside of the classroom as a frequent guest of Adventures in Angular, ngHouston, and ngPortland. He also helps organize an Angular meetup in St. Louis.

When not teaching, Paul is a technical lead at Oasis Digital Solutions inc. Recent projects include an Apache “big data” dashboard and an app used to visualize complex business and social relationships. Areas of interest include run-time performance, data visualization, and UI/UX design.