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Sean Sparkman

Infinity Interactive, Inc.

These are the anDroids you are looking for

Want to write your first Android application? Join us to learn how to write an Android application using C# with Xamarin. I will show you how to consume a real API and render the data beautifully inside of Android. Bring your laptop and follow along whether you are using Visual Studio or Visual Studio for Mac. You will walk away with a working running native Android application.
C# is a great language for writing mobile applications. Anything you can do in Java and Kotlin, you can do in C#. You will be able to create native mobile application and use all of the Native API's including calling Java and Kotlin code from your C#.

About Sean Sparkman

I have been a software developer for 17 years now.  I have worked in various industries from advertising to voice recognition.  I love troubleshooting and problem solving.  As a team lead and senior programmer at Infinity Interactive, Inc., I do primarily C# development for web and mobile.  My passion for mobile development has driven me to found the DFW Mobile .NET User Group, found the Dev Fest Weekend conference and helped me achieve my Xamarin MVP and Microsoft MVP awards.