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Cam Soper


How Insightful! Grok Your ASP.NET Core Web Apps with Application Insights

You know the feeling. An executive sends that email that your web application's performance is costing sales. All hands on deck! Fix it now! Your future is now hours poring over log files, days guessing where the bottleneck is. You hope for success with each new deployment. There's a different path. Application Insights to the rescue! Instrument your app with Application Insights to get a deep look into the performance profile of your on-premise or Azure-hosted app. Prevent bottlenecks before you get that "all hands on deck" email.

You will learn:
- What telemetry Application Insights collects automatically
- How to instrument your ASP.NET Core application with custom events and metrics
- How to view and analyze the telemetry using Azure's powerful tools

About Cam Soper

While in high school, Cam was getting paid for writing code and playing jazz (but not necessarily at the same time!). After flirting with several career paths in college, he decided to stick with what he knew.

Cam's development and IT career began in 1991 when a small town computer consultant took Cam, then 13 years old, as his apprentice. After graduating from Missouri State University in 1999, Cam worked as a trainer, adjunct professor, and freelance developer until he took a full-time developer job in the financial services industry in 2000.

In 2012, Cam achieved his childhood dream of joining Microsoft as a travelling support engineer, where he helped companies and public institutions of all sizes deploy software for .NET and Azure. He is currently part of the Microsoft APEX (Azure Platform Evangelism and Experiences) team, where he writes content about Azure and .NET on docs.microsoft.com, including reference applications and samples.

Cam lives in Kansas City, Missouri, USA with his wife, three sons, two dogs, two cats, three guinea pigs, and two hermit crabs. His hobbies include video games, 3D printing, home automation, and creating music.