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Tristan Sokol


The Ins n' Outs of Serverless Functions

Serverless functions are a new tool for developers that can let even the smallest of entrepreneurs feel like they are at Google scale. They can be the backbone of a microservice architecture for your application/website or handle a pipeline of complicated back-end processing. I'll give a quick high level conceptual overview of how serverless functions work, then dive into practical examples of common use cases such as webhook handling, front-end content delivery, and scaled asynchronous data processing using tools like Google Cloud Functions & Twilio Functions. We'll also cover all bases with testing tips and development tools. The audience will walk away with practical examples of ways to incorporate hosted functions into their workflows, as well as a solid understanding of the benefits (extreme cost savings, improved scalability, architecture) and drawbacks (cold start times, complexity).

About Tristan Sokol

Tristan works on the developer platform at Square. In the rare moments he isn't in front of a computer, he is usually outside wishing he was a hobby farmer.