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Amanda Perkins



It’s hard to be on a team and not be one of the team. By making interactions with teammates better, teams start to bond, creating high functioning work relationships that go far in crafting better products. Interactions like a simple conversation about the latest movie or where to go for lunch can go a long way to becoming a more involved with the team.

It's about how to get your dev team to accept QA as one of them. I’ll give tips and tricks to help inspire QA to work with their teams and foster a relationship that will build quality into everything the team creates. I'll talk about the Rubber Duck trick. Talk about finding opportunities to learn more about code, automation, what the team is doing. And about the interpersonal relationship building that you can do easily.

We will talk about interpersonal relationship skills and how a simple conversation can be an opening to start getting more involved in the team dynamic.

Will discuss the concept of Rubber Duck and give suggestions for places to improve skill sets (udemy.com, Lynda, Coursera, Khan Academy)

I want attendees to be able to become inspired to get closer to their teams and create those relationships that make everyone's job fun and create a team that's cohesive and works well together.

About Amanda Perkins

I've been a QA for 6 years now and I try to use my varied job skills to help improve not only software quality but the quality of interactions with my team. I have a background in customer service and music and feel that these skills help me to think outside the box when it comes to quality. I am currently pursuing my degree in Cyber Security at Norwich University and feel that the additional skills I’m learning there will help me take QA even further.

I'm a lover of hunting bugs, Doctor Who, books and movies. I dress up every year for the Renaissance Festival and this year I'll do it again. I'm married with 2 kids, a cat, and a dog and find new and exciting ways to drive them all nuts!!

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/amanda-perkins-bbaa3020/