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Bobby Johnson

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ChatOps with Slack and Webtask.io

With the rise in remote workers living the digital nomad life, Slack has become a central hub for team communication and collaboration. Teams have begun pushing critical monitoring information and kicking off processes directly from Slack. Webtask.io makes it easy for you do to this without having to wrestle with standing up and configure a server. In this presentation, Bobby will show you how to listen for specific events and push messages directly into a channel, setup a scheduled task that reports results to a channel and create CLI like commands with access control to fire on demand processes.

About Bobby Johnson

Bobby is a passionate agile engineer with an interest in shipping quality software, building strong collaborative teams and continuous improvement of his skills, team and the product. His experience ranges from building small line of business applications allowing financial professionals to execute quickly to large public facing distributed social content apps. He has a passion for new technologies, open source software and the greater software development community.