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Jonathan Barket


Microservices Hurt, But I Like It.

You've heard about the benefits of microservices. You've heard how billion dollar unicorn companies with thousands of developers have improved their productivity, become invulnerable to scaling issues and solved the problem of distributed computing with a handful of open source projects.

Join me to watch a 40 minute, slow motion replay of reality punching my team in the gut as we spent three years evolving our microservices stack in the cloud. This is a service provider and language agnostic look at approaching distributed computing if your team is still small enough to fed by two pizzas.

About Jonathan Barket

I've been a software developer since Classic ASP was just regular ASP. In 2008, I accepted an invitation to be a Teaching Fellow at the Harvard Extension School because I thought having a Harvard email address would be baller. This ignited a fire in me for teaching, mentoring and being a developer advocate.

My greatest regret is that I will never be as tall as Daniel.