A Dev's Guide to Demoing

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  • Amanda Perkins
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    Amanda Perkins

    Lead QA, NIC, @theqadiva

    A Dev's Guide to Demoing

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    No matter where you are, at some point your work is going to have to be demonstrated to other people. Instead of having your BA or QA or even PO demo it, wouldn't it be easier to just demo it yourself? But, having to present in front of people is a little scary. Indeed it is but there are some tips and tricks that you could learn to very easily put into practice to help you be able to eliminate that fear and be a demoing machine. In this session, we are going to go over the basics on how to run a good demo. Tips and tricks on what to show and how to show off what you've done, and even some hints as to how to run a demo in different ways depending on your audience. It's never going to be easy to give a demo but with a few tips and tricks, we can work on making any demo more successful

    About Amanda Perkins

    I've been a QA for 7 years now and I try to use my varied job skills to help improve not only software quality but the quality of interactions with my team. I have a background in customer service and music and feel that these skills help me to think outside the box when it comes to quality. I am currently pursuing my degree in Cyber Security at Norwich University and feel that the additional skills I’m learning there will help me take QA even further.