Write Better Software With ACRUMEN

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  • Dave Aronson
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    Dave Aronson

    T. Rex at Codosaurus, LLC

    Write Better Software With ACRUMEN

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    Do you write high quality software? Even if you think you do, how do you know? Without a firm definition of software quality, you can't really know! Most existing definitions have serious problem, like being highly complex, proprietary, or actually about the process or its byproducts. To help nail it down and get us all onto the same page, I've invented ACRUMEN, a new definition of software quality, freely available for anyone to use, based on six one-word aspects. (Yes, six, even though it has seven letters. Come to the talk to see what the other one stands for!) The basic explanation is so short, it literally fits on the back of a business card -- without small print! Yet it encompasses all the desirable quality aspects of software, that anybody has yet told me. In this talk I will explain and explore each aspect of ACRUMEN in turn, and give you immediately useful tips on how to achieve them. You will come away better equipped to analyze the quality of anybody's software, give precise feedback on its shortcomings, and most importantly, improve the quality of your own software. These ideas are timeless and technology-agnostic, useful with languages from the dinosaur days to tomorrow and beyond, and by developers from fresh-faced novices to grizzled graybeards. Even the non-technical will gain a better appreciation of the struggles of developers, and a better vocabulary with which to give us feedback.

    About Dave Aronson

    Dave has about three and a half decades of experience in a wide variety of languages, techniques, etc. He is the T. Rex (yes, really) of Codosaurus, LLC (his one-man consulting firm, which explains how he can get such a cool title, at http://www.Codosaur.us/) in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. His latest passion project is to perfect and spread the ACRUMEN Software Quality Framework, which he created. On lighter notes, he is married, is owned by two cats, and enjoys dark beers, smokey whiskies, playing guitar, and shooting targets.