Dump those other tools, LINQPad is all you need

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    Hussein Farran

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    Dump those other tools, LINQPad is all you need

    Using Visual Studio to create a basic console app for quick code tests is unwieldy. Starting up SQL Server Management Studio for most SQL operations is bulky. Creating a new GUI application for basic tasks is entirely unfeasible when you're on a deadline. Ever run into the XKCD Automation problem; you create an application to automate a task and spend more time debugging the application than you save with the automation. LINQPad can help solve all these problems! LINQPad is a .NET based developer's scratchpad. It allows you to quickly write and prototype code in a way very similar to writing a Python script, albeit with .NET based languages. LINQPad offers functionality for writing tools quickly and easily as well as strong core tooling for SQL access and manipulation. We will be diving deep into LINQPad and discussing its practical uses as a code scratch pad, a SQL management tool, a CLI application runner, a GUI creator, and more! I'll provide practical examples of real usages of LINQPad which I've come up with over the years as well.

    About Hussein Farran

    Hussein has worn many hats, starting as a full-stack developer and transitioning to a .NET based cloud development role later on. He's seen all ends, from back to front. His time in the community has enabled him to participate in and organize user groups and conferences offering participants a (he hopes) warm smile and opportunity to learn something new.