Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks

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  • Jonathan Barket
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    Jonathan Barket

    Wrangler of Robots, Writer of Code, Talker of Talks at CTEH

    Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks

    Are you interested in bringing about the robot apocalypse? Whether your team wants to launch Skynet or turn humans into batteries, it's hard to know where to begin. Join me and my trusty robot dog BSCT for a 40 minute high speed chase through the ins and outs of writing and deploying code to things that can walk right up and touch you. Don't worry if your team doesn't have a Cyberdyne Systems sized budget. We'll cover how you can start simulating your future Black Mirror creations _right now_ with freely available tools. Guaranteed not to bring about the singularity.

    About Jonathan Barket

    I've been tricking people into paying me to make things for them for over twenty years.