Expand Your Impact & Influence in Tech

Presented by
  • Schell Gower
  • Jason Frazell
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    Schell Gower

    Clearmark, Business & Personal Brand Strategist

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    Jason Frazell

    Executive Coach and Brand Strategist

    Expand Your Impact & Influence in Tech

    Knowing how to code is a given. As tech opportunities become more and more competitive, companies are searching for talented tech professionals who can positively represent their company and be leaders inside and outside of the organization. To do that, you need to build your personal brand. In this session, you'll walk away with tips to become more known beyond your technical proficiency, so you can expand your impact and leadership in today's market.

    About Schell Gower

    Schell Gower is a well respected Marketing Consultant and personal brand strategist for multi-million dollar companies, non-profits, startup companies, and individual brands across the country. She is the founder of the ClearMark Marketing Agency and has helped hundreds of companies from beauty brands, real estate, tech and business services with their marketing and digital strategies for almost a decade. She is also a personal brand strategist with Brand Builders group, helping build personal brands for writers, employees, and business owners build their personal brand for impact.

    About Jason Frazell

    Jason Frazell is an international Growth and Leadership Coach serving high-impact people and teams in the technology space and a personal brand strategist for CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and side hustlers. Jason is the founder of Jason Frazell Coaching, where he offers one on one executive and leadership coaching, group programs, speaking and workshops. He is a Gallup Global Strengths Coach, specializing in using the CliftonStrengths assessment (formerly Strengthsfinder 2.0) and an Everything DiSC partner through Wiley and Sons. Jason is also a leader at Accomplishment Coaching, a premier International Coaching Federation coach training program and holds a coaching accreditation from the ICF. Prior to moving his own side hustle to full-time, Jason was an award-winning technology sales professional, working at a variety of technology firms, ranging from F10 to series A startups.