Back to the Basics: Software Done Properly

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  • Brian Korzynski
  • Hussein Farran
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    Brian Korzynski

    Principal Architect

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    Hussein Farran

    Lippert Components

    Back to the Basics: Software Done Properly

    Ever wonder how large companies like Apple and Netflix write applications that always just seem to work? Wonder, how we too, can write applications that can easily adapt to changing business requirements, ease the development process, and support large customer bases without a large support department? During this workshop we will explore some industry best practices, hear about things that have actually worked in production, and participate in exercises of how to apply all of this into our everyday jobs. Some topics include proper architecture, DI, testing, patterns, custom NuGet feeds, and other topics that bring these all together.

    About Brian Korzynski

    Brian Korzynski is a Principal Architect at Iron Mountain. He has had an extensive career in Microsoft technologies working for a variety of companies both large and small. Working in many industries such as logistics, manufacturing, compliance, and finance has given him a wide variety of knowledge and skills that he wants to share with the world. Currently he is working on a variety of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications to automate manual processes.

    About Hussein Farran

    Hussein has worn many hats, starting as a full-stack developer and transitioning to a .NET based cloud development role later on. He's seen all ends, from back to front. His time in the community has enabled him to participate in and organize user groups and conferences offering participants a (he hopes) warm smile and opportunity to learn something new.