Stop Mocking Your Database!

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  • Joe Cisar
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    Joe Cisar

    Director of Engineering @ Ryvit

    Stop Mocking Your Database!

    Let me show you how to utilize Docker, Entity Framework, Dapper, and the .Net framework to create an automated test suite that runs like an end to end test suite without the drawbacks!

    About Joe Cisar

    I have been writing software in the .Net world professionally since 2011. I have worked on a wide range of products and applications ranging from eCommerce websites to phone system call routing trees to cross-platform mobile apps for real estate agents. I love C# and learn new things about it every day. Currently I am the Director of Engineering at Ryvit, a startup focused on integrating construction software applications. In my current role I work on a wide range of products, internal and external facing, using a vast array of different technologies and platforms. I love playing sports, working out, playing video games, and hanging out with my awesome wife and two kids.