Build Mobile Apps with Flutter

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  • Hussain Abbasi
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    Hussain Abbasi

    Head of Technology at ChaiOne

    Build Mobile Apps with Flutter

    Flutter is an exciting framework to build cross-platform applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Flutter takes a unique approach to develop beautiful, pixel perfect applications on several platforms. With Flutter, we can build mobile applications in Dart language with a slight learning curve. In this session, we will learn about Flutter and what it can do for us in our next project, and we will build our first Flutter app live.

    About Hussain Abbasi

    Hussain Abbasi is the Head of Technology at ChaiOne. He is a content-creator, blogger, speaker, streamer, and software engineer with over a decade of experience developing mobile, web, cloud, and desktop applications. Hussain is a well-known community leader in the mobile development space. He is a co-organizer of Houston Xamarin User Group and the organizer for Houston Flutter User Group in Houston area and authors and contributes to several OSS projects. You can find his shenanigans at Or his blog at You can find him on twitter @HussainNAbbasi.