Delivering Value with Kanban

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  • Paul Irwin
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    Paul Irwin

    CTO at feature[23]

    Delivering Value with Kanban

    Sprints, Scrum Masters, daily stand-ups, and story points are assumed to be defaults in software engineering nowadays, but Kanban offers an enlightened alternative that might help you achieve better throughput and flow. Learn the fundamentals of Kanban as an Agile software process and how you can adopt it immediately on your team. Gain a better understanding of where bottlenecks are in your process, how to optimize flow, and how to give your customers an expectation of when work will get done — all with less meetings and overhead.

    About Paul Irwin

    Paul Irwin is Chief Technology Officer at feature[23] out of the Denver, Colorado area where he works with engineering teams to deliver business value for customers through custom software products. He has over 20 years of professional experience in software, including over 10 years at feature[23] alone, across varying industries and technology platforms. His passions include Kanban as an Agile software process, programming languages, databases, and web application engineering. In his personal time, Paul is an avid woodworker, amateur radio and electronics geek, RV traveler, and insatiable learner. Paul lives in the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado with his wife and colleague Katy, and they are the co-founders of the Code on the Beach software conference held in Atlantic Beach, Florida.