Help Your Teams Avoid Burnout And Apathy

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  • Tim Rayburn
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    Tim Rayburn

    Vice President of Consulting at Improving

    Help Your Teams Avoid Burnout And Apathy

    We work in a fast paced, constantly growing, high demand industry that is known for creating burnout and apathy for teams who constantly live under this emotional pressure. Tropes like “people quit managers not jobs” aren’t enough to guide us to real solutions. Over the last 13 years I’ve helped growing a company from 40 employees to 1,500 employees and regular winner of Best Places to Work awards. To avoid the pitfalls we must balance two critical areas, engaging minds and engaging hearts. Come learn how to use Autonomy, Mastery, and Achievement to engage minds, and balance that with Purpose and Appreciation to engage hearts.

    About Tim Rayburn

    Tim Rayburn is a Vice President of Consulting with Improving Enterprises, a software and project management consulting company in Dallas, TX. He is a passionate advocate of apprenticeship and mentorship in corporate environments. He has been awarded the Microsoft MVP in recognition of his expertise and community leadership 11 times. He is also a conference organizer, an author, and can be found speaking across the nation on agile processes, software design, and career management. He lives in the North Dallas area with his amazing wife Kate and their loyal dog Gandalf.