Web3, Blockchain, & NFTs: It's not about money.

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  • Matt Shull
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    Matt Shull

    Product Manager @ App Academy

    Web3, Blockchain, & NFTs: It's not about money.

    Burnt out from all the money talk around Web3 & Blockchain? Feel like it's just a scam and you don't see how this technology could ever be practical? I did too and in this session we're going to cut through the noise and dive into the utility that Web3 & Blockchain can provide that Web2 can't. You'll come out of this session with examples of smart contracts that are used for utility "in the wild", the ability to start coding your own smart contracts, and clarity on why this technology is akin to the impact the printing press had on humanity.

    About Matt Shull

    Matt works as a Product Manager in EdTech by day (App Academy, Chegg, Thinkful), and develops Web3 products and services by night.