Stop Wasting Time, Start Writing Tests

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  • Bryce Embry
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    Bryce Embry

    Manager of Application Development

    Stop Wasting Time, Start Writing Tests

    When you're on a team that doesn’t write tests it’s hard to know how to get started. Your team mates may see tests as a waste of time, and you may feel overwhelmed at introducing tests in the code. But it only takes one person to change everything. In this session you’ll see how every team has some kind of tests, and how automated testing is much more efficient than manual processes. Then you’ll get practical advice on how to introduce tests in legacy code to teams who are not necessarily excited to write tests. You’ll leave with the tools and insights to help your team stop wasting time and starting writing tests.

    About Bryce Embry

    Bryce is a manager and PHP programmer who leads multiple software development teams at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He is passionate about improving code quality and building strong team relationships.