Everything I Know About Agile Teams I Learned from D&D

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  • Tommy Norman
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    Tommy Norman

    Chief Agility Officer, Acklen Avenue

    Everything I Know About Agile Teams I Learned from D&D

    Every good D&D group needs the right balance to complete its quest, and an Agile team is no different. So don't try to Leroy Jenkins things on your own; meet up at the inn and find the perfect band of adventurers. Take this fun journey into building a great Agile team based on over 30 years of building software and slaying dragons!

    About Tommy Norman

    Tommy Norman (CSM, A-CSM, CSPO, CSP, CTC, CEC, CAL, PSM, SAFe Agilist, Microsoft MVP) is the Chief Agility Officer at Acklen Avenue, a custom software development shop in Nashville, TN, USA. With an IT career spanning almost 30 years, he has been helping organizations of all sizes and shapes build great software with a practical approach in many roles. In addition, he has worked deeply with the Agile community as the coordinator of the Agile Nashville user group, founder of the Music City Agile conference, and a frequent local and international speaker. You can connect with him online at HTTP://twitter.tommynorman.com and HTTP://linkedin.tommynorman.com and view his Agile training videos/events on O’Reilly Learning Online at HTTP://oreilly.tommynorman.com.