Audit Once, Comply Many... and other lies in Cybersecurity (GRC)

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  • Keith Crawford
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    Keith Crawford

    Cybersecurity GRC Specialist, CISSP

    Audit Once, Comply Many... and other lies in Cybersecurity (GRC)

    Numerous organizations and vendors are promising to streamline your compliance & auditing requirements by selling the idea that if you only adopt their standard and/or platform you can auto-magically map to any audit or third-party request ever asked of you. In this session will explore the current reality, what that means for your organization, and what you can do about it. We will highlight numerous reasons for despair and a handful of reasons to be cautiously optimistic. If you are looking to improve how you prove your security program to partners, clients, and auditors come join this collective therapy session. You may find answers but at minimum you'll find emotional support.

    About Keith Crawford

    Keith S. Crawford is a Cybersecurity GRC specialist. For the past decade he has helped organizations build sustainable & practical security programs that auditors love. He is passionate about helping orgs thrive and transform through cybersecurity and compliance.