Developer to Startup Founder

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  • Daniel Sharp
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    Daniel Sharp

    Founder Apothewell, Inc

    Developer to Startup Founder

    From initial concept to startup accelerators to team building to investor funding to product launch, my path from developer to Startup Founder has been anything but boring! Three years ago, I did a session for LRTF on 3D Printers and hardware centered around the early prototype stage for what would become Apothewell. Now, after several pivots and many ups and downs, we have launched a product. But, this is just another beginning—so much more work to come. Listen to my talk and see if you are bold enough to leap from dev to founder! Or thank the lucky stars you've never been so foolish to leave your safety net so far behind. Either way, I promise you'll enjoy this talk.

    About Daniel Sharp

    I have over twenty five years experience in the tech industry. I've done everything from developer to CEO. Through it all I've honed my skillset, especially my problem solving skills. As a startup founder, I now get to now put my problem solving abilities to the test multiple times a day and I love it! I'm excited for each new problem and love to see what solutions my team and I can craft.