Five things I've learned as a new Engineering Manager

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  • Zac Brown
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    Zac Brown

    People manager, engineering leader, public speaker

    Five things I've learned as a new Engineering Manager

    I’ve been a software engineer for my entire career. I’ve worked in various industries building and extending software that ranges from digital communication, to financial software and most recently healthcare technology. When I first took the leap into people management, my career changed drastically. This talk covers important lessons I've learned as a new engineering manager and how you can apply those same lessons to your day to day, regardless of your role.

    About Zac Brown

    Since writing his first line of code at age 9, Zac has been completely fascinated with computers. Now Zac spends his time helping engineers at a high growth healthcare startup grow. With experience in multiple areas of product development and delivery, Zac brings his years of learning and growing to multiple venues and events across the globe.