The Power and Performance of Phoenix LiveView

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  • Geoffrey Lessel
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    Geoffrey Lessel

    Developer at Planning Center. Author of Phoenix in Action. Wannabe Renaissance Man.

    The Power and Performance of Phoenix LiveView

    Backed by the proven real-time capabilities of Elixir, Phoenix’s LiveView opens up a new world of possibilities for soft real-time web applications. Whether you need to manage the connections thousands of concurrent visitors in a chat application or simply push real-time updates of constantly changing information to a single user, LiveView makes it trivial with minimal JavaScript (sometimes none at all). In this live-coding presentation, we’ll convert a typical controller in a MVC application into a LiveView controller. Along the way, we’ll discover some of the major benefits that LiveView provides and you’ll see how easy it is to implement in your own applications. The Track could also be "Web / Mobile Development".

    About Geoffrey Lessel

    Geoffrey (“Geo”) has been breaking computers since he tinkered around on his family’s 286 in the 1980s. He’s developed software professionally in many languages over the years (PHP, Perl, Javascript, Ruby, Elixir) but Elixir is his favorite so far. By day, he’s a developer at Planning Center. By night, he likes to dabble in various hobbies including sim racing, modular synthesizers, embedded hardware, music, and hanging out with his family. If there’s something new to learn, he’s probably interested! On top of that he's the author of Phoenix in Action (published by Manning Publications) and speaker at many conferences. Twitter: @geolessel GitHub: geolessel