So You Want to Make a Video Game?

Presented by
  • Rhaelene Lowther
  • Kurt Coppersmith
  • James Stewart
  • Bryan Lowther
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    Rhaelene Lowther

    Associate Professor of Game Art, Animation and Simulation at Southern Arkansas University

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    Kurt Coppersmith

    Assistant Professor of Art and Design, Southern Arkansas University

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    James Stewart

    Visiting Assistant Professor at Southern Arkansas University

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    Bryan Lowther

    Adjunct Instructor at Southern Arkansas University

    So You Want to Make a Video Game?

    SessionSoftware DesignIntroductory and overviewEnglish
    Four experienced game developers will speak about how to get started making games. They will discuss the technology, design, art and business decisions that are part of the process.

    About Rhaelene Lowther

    Rhaelene Lowther is an Associate Professor of Art: Game, Animation and Simulation Design. She worked as an environment artist for Microsoft for five years, working on one of the original XBox launch titles, Amped Snowboarding. She also worked at Sensory Sweep Software working on Nintendo DS games for about 5 years. She earned a BFA in painting from Brigham Young University and an MFA from Utah State University. She taught at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City and Utah State University before moving to Arkansas to start the Game Development program at Southern Arkansas University. She has lived in Magnolia, AR for 6 years.

    About Kurt Coppersmith

    Kurt Coppersmith is an Assistant Professor of Art and Design at Southern Arkansas University. He teaches courses in art foundations, game design, digital cinema and web design. Kurt previously taught at the University of Utah for over 5 years within their Entertainment Arts and Engineering program (Game Production). He has also worked in the technology industry for over 20 years, where he managed both creative and development teams for entities as large as Bosch and Dell to mid-size eCommerce companies and tech startups. Always working on multiple projects, he most recently implemented new technology and software for the newly renovated Vivint Smart Home Arena, home of the Utah Jazz.

    About James Stewart

    James is a visiting associate professor at Southern Arkansas University, where he teaches computer science. He has also taught at and developed curriculum for Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa, California as well as the Digital Media Institute in Shreveport, Louisiana. James also makes games. He has developed titles for LucasArts (The Force Unleashed II, Lucidity) and 2K Games (NBA 2K9, The Bureau, Mafia III). He currently consults on games and related projects under the aegis of Programming Consultants Group. James’s writing has appeared on and in AI Game Programming Wisdom, an anthology of articles relating to artificial intelligence for games. He has also written fiction and tabletop role-playing material for White Wolf and Games Workshop. James received his Master of Computer Science degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz, and a master’s degree in Interactive Technology from the Guildhall at Southern Methodist University.

    About Bryan Lowther

    Instructor for video game design and project management classes.