Microservices -- The Easy Way is the Wrong Way

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  • Sean Whitesell
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    Sean Whitesell

    President of Tulsa .NET User Group

    Microservices -- The Easy Way is the Wrong Way

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    In the effort to be buzz-word compliant you get onboard and start making a microservice for nearly everything. You have learned that the only way to grow in this programming industry is to use microservices so you took a look at your codebase and started hacking away. Months later you pull your head out only to realize you have spent way too much time and money going the wrong direction from the start. In this presentation I will talk about pros and cons of microservices. You will learn when and how to get started creating microservices and when you absolutely under no uncertain terms should create them. When and how to tear apart existing applications to well defined services.

    About Sean Whitesell

    Sean has been the President of Tulsa .NET User Group since 2009. He's also a Cloud Architect with TokenEx. He's been programming and playing with electronics for over 20 years. He also teaches self-defense classes to kids and adults.