Understanding Akka Cluster through Raspberry Pi (and blinky lights!)

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  • William Autrey
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    William Autrey

    Software consultant helping enterprises explore streaming data and microservices - Lightbend, Inc.

    Understanding Akka Cluster through Raspberry Pi (and blinky lights!)

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    Distributed systems are challenging to design, and their interactions can be more complex than engineers and architects expect. Having a visual way to see the state of a cluster helps us to understand what is actually going on when bad things happen. This session covers a few failures scenarios that can occur in a clustered JVM application. We will examine these scenarios using Akka Clustering, Raspberry Pis, and LEDs. In this way, we will immediately be able to see the state of the system with a variety of configurations and failures.

    About William Autrey

    William Autrey is an experienced software architect and engineer, with a focus on developing resilient and responsive enterprise applications. He is currently employed as a consultant at Lightbend, Inc., helping developers create stateful microservice applications using Scala, Akka, Lagom, and Play.