Achieve Award Winning Employee Engagement

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  • Felicia Miller Johnson
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    Felicia Miller Johnson

    Investing in yourself leads to success!

    Achieve Award Winning Employee Engagement

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    According to the Gallup Management Journal's semi-annual Employee Engagement Index, 29% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs, 54% are not-engaged, and 17% are actively disengaged. The Challenge: What are you going to do about the 71% of employees who are not achieving their full potential? This workshop provides an introduction for people interested in igniting employee engagement to change their culture, improve operation or service, or support various organization change situations.

    About Felicia Miller Johnson

    📖 Felicia | name meaning "happy" 📖 pow·er·house | a person or thing of great energy, strength, or power. ​ Felicia Miller Johnson happily operates her successful business Sevenfold Coaching. She is a powerhouse presenter, coach, and author of the book, “Do you feel like a fraud? A certified life coach’s guide to help you recognize and overcome impostor syndrome”. She believes “investing in yourself leads to success”. Felicia has a Masters in Business Administration and several practitioner certifications. She combines her education and 20+ year leadership experience in the fields of higher education, military government, and non-profits into workshops and transformation coaching that inspires people to live and work happily and successfully. Felicia enjoys her sevenfold life with her husband of 20 years, their two kids, additional family, and friends.