Building a Great Developer Experience

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  • Jeremy Dorn
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    Jeremy Dorn

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    Building a Great Developer Experience

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    Have you ever used a tool or library that seemed to fight you every step of the way? Do you dread going near that one part of your codebase? Developer Experience captures how people feel when they work with a piece of code. It's usually not considered a high priority when building a product, but I argue that it's one of the most important factors in determining success. In this talk, I will go over examples and techniques you can use to build a truly great Developer Experience.

    About Jeremy Dorn

    Jeremy Dorn is Lead Architect at and author of several open source projects with millions of downloads. Jeremy first started programming on a TI-83. A few years later he discovered Geocities and has been building websites ever since. In his day job, Jeremy builds scalable systems and focuses on creating a great developer experience for the rest of the engineering team at He lives in Austin, TX with his wife and their lazy old dog.