Software, hardware and 3d printers

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  • Daniel Sharp
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    Daniel Sharp

    Owner of Sharp Solutions and pursuer of crazy ideas

    Software, hardware and 3d printers

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    This session is about branching out from software development into prototyping a device with microcontrollers, sensors, and components created via 3d printing. We will begin with microcontrollers and sensors from a software person's perspective. Tools, tutorials, and IDEs that a newbie could start using. Then move on to 3d printing. What to expect (it is not a plug and play world), applications I use to model designs and the steps I've gone through to create my prototype. The session will wrap up with tying those components together using software that is likely familiar to most developers.

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    I've spent over 25 years building software solutions. I currently freelance in the data engineering space and spend my free time tinkering with crazy ideas.