Make coding fun! Developing a game in the browser 🎮

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  • Marco Cecconi
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    Marco Cecconi

    Owner at Intelligent Hack srls

    Make coding fun! Developing a game in the browser 🎮

    SessionWeb / Mobile DevelopmentIntermediateEnglish
    For many, software engineering is limited to the enterprise domain, where particular patterns, practices, and behaviors limit the spectrum of challenges programmers face. Generally speaking, game programming paradigms are wildly different from enterprise development. Computers are now so powerful that it is possible to write games in vanilla JavaScript. I wrote a small but fun game, Blasteroids, over a few weekends. This talk is a step-by-step description of how that came to be and hopefully, an incentive for many to create their own game and to unleash their creative endeavors. In this talk, we will learn many things about game development, screen flipping, sprites, and level and scene design. Some topics covered: sprites, animation, keyboard, and gamepad sampling, audio effects, memory optimization. Besides building the basics of a micro arcade game, I will also demonstrate Blasteroid in all its glory (infamy?). The talk requires audio. Quarters are optional.

    About Marco Cecconi

    I was part of the Stack Overflow core development team for four years. I worked for more than twenty years in all kinds of cool places. I started my career at a web agency at the height of the IPO craze in 2000, doing the coolest websites ever for the world's top brands. I have been mingling with hackers at a famous security company and building trading software that powers 80% of Europe's electrical energy in the UK. I've been seen building the future of work at Toptal. In another life, I have also been a signed pro musician, a game audio engineer, and a music producer. Lately, I help companies build better development teams as a consultant for Intelligent Hack.