Escaping the dystopia of negative feedback

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  • Marco Cecconi
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    Marco Cecconi

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    Escaping the dystopia of negative feedback

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    We have many tools to warn us of mistakes that are relatively easy to spot. Compilers, linters, code reviews, guidelines, and tests of all kinds help us be better developers by telling us that we are wrong. Of course, they are essential tools, especially because when they stop us, they are almost always right. On the other hand, we all know that a code that compiles is not guaranteed at all to be correct. This situation makes these tools unsuitable, by themselves, to make positive information emerge: they tell us half the story - the negative bit. What we need are tools that teach us positive lessons to go alongside the ones we have. People are known to learn much better when they receive both kinds of feedback. Schools, video games but also sites like Stack Overflow learned this lesson well and created reward systems that teach pupils and users what behaviors are okay. In this talk, I will describe what kind of tool I think we need.

    About Marco Cecconi

    I was part of the Stack Overflow core development team for four years. I worked for more than twenty years in all kinds of cool places. I started my career at a web agency at the height of the IPO craze in 2000, doing the coolest websites ever for the world's top brands. I have been mingling with hackers at a famous security company and building trading software that powers 80% of Europe's electrical energy in the UK. I've been seen building the future of work at Toptal. In another life, I have also been a signed pro musician, a game audio engineer, and a music producer. Lately, I help companies build better development teams as a consultant for Intelligent Hack.