Mob Programming for Continuous Learning

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  • Mike Clement
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    Mike Clement

    Founding Software Craftsman at Greater Sum

    Mob Programming for Continuous Learning

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    What if we took Extreme Programming and said it’s not “extreme” enough? What if we took pair programming and cranked it to 11? Mob programming is a technique with “all the brilliant people working on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and on the same computer.” Join me on my journey through different development practices and how I landed at mob programming as my preferred way of working. I was lucky enough to be on a team for about year that worked “as a mob.” I’m also now leading a team that is mobbing full time for the past year and using mob programming for workshops and other learning experiences. Come learn what practices we found to be critical, what obstacles we encountered and what practices became irrelevant during our experience. The pains and successes we had helped us learn and they may help you see a pathway to experimenting with mob programming in your work!

    About Mike Clement

    A husband, father of four, and currently the Founding Software Craftsman of Greater Sum, Mike Clement believes we work best when we are working together and that there are no best practices—only better and worse ones depending on the context. Passionate about raising the bar of technical excellence in the software development community, Mike is a founder and organizer of Software Craftsmanship Atlanta, a founding member of the Utah Software Craftsmanship group and a former organizer of the Agile Roots conference. He has worked at several companies including Pluralsight,, Microsoft, and Caselle. Find out more about Mike on his blog ( and on Twitter at @mdclement.