Thrill of the Hunt: Return to Exploratory Testing

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  • Kylie Schleicher
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    Kylie Schleicher

    Avid reader and weekend DIY warrior who loves a good joke.

    Thrill of the Hunt: Return to Exploratory Testing

    A fast-paced talk discussing the intersection of automated and manual validation in the evolution of modern QA practices, and how the art of exploratory testing can identify notable defects, re-ignite the discipline, attract new talent, and create a more diverse career path.

    About Kylie Schleicher

    Kylie Schleicher spends her days at VMLY&R in relentless pursuit of evolving quality assurance practices to bring maximum delivery confidence. She is responsible for the strategies and standards used to verify digital experiences, and is passionate about continuous improvement. She believes it possible to dynamically adjust and never face the exact same problem twice.