Product Owning Your Development

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  • Deanna Vickers
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    Deanna Vickers

    Software Engineer at SmileDirectClub

    Product Owning Your Development

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    I’d like to help you elevate your style of development and team engagement to become a go-to developer on your team. My current understanding is based on years of working with teams of developers at all levels. I’ll also share my story about transitioning from delivery support roles to full time software development, where I am doing my best to emulate the behaviors I have observed from some of the most capable developers. There are specific behaviors, approaches and communication methods that make certain developers stand out. In turn, they become highly sought after, valued and supported. Let’s talk about these behaviors so you can begin to implement them into your process and your life.

    About Deanna Vickers

    A client engagement manager turned developer, I want to deliver more than just software. My drive is rooted in helping others and I bring commitment and compassion to every relationship. A long time coach, volunteer and organizer, I am dedicated to doing my best in my work and also to help others tap into their highest potential as well.